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News Archive

Is Added Clarity on Ohio Health Insurance Worth Coverage Cuts?

(Columbus Dispatch, Apr 4th, 2014)

Obamacare Deadline Arrives

(Cincinnati Enquirer, Mar 31st, 2014)

High Court to Hear Health Care Religion-State Arguments

(KSAT, Mar 21st, 2014)

Administration Plays to Young in Health Push

(New York Times, Mar 20th, 2014)

Health Insurance Enrollment Remains at 75% of Target

(New York Times, Mar 13th, 2014) Gets a 40% Jump after Fern Video

(ABC News, Mar 13th, 2014)

New Service Launched to Track Obamacare Subsidies

(The Washington Times, Feb 25th, 2014)

Social Security Updating Systems Feb 15-18; Marketplace unable to verify SSN

(Health and Human Services, Feb 12th, 2014)

Obamacare Looking for Sign-ups in 116 counties

(Cincinnati Enquirer, Feb 11th, 2014)

Obama Administration to Further Delay Healthcare Employer Mandate

(LA Times, Feb 10th, 2014)